Virtual Class FAQs

Your guide to quick answers!

What is Barre?

Barre is an upbeat, low-impact fusion of pilates, yoga, and ballet that isolates and fatigues each muscle group through the use of small, controlled movements to improve whole-body strength and stability.Barre offers a range of intensity for all fitness levels. No "barre" is needed to participate in virtual classes - just a pair of light weights, a Pilates ball, and a small resistance band!

What should I bring to class?

A pair of light weights (2-3lbs), a resistance band, and a Pilates ball are recommended props. Here is an amazon list of recommendations and/or to use for product shopping comparison. Latex loops bands vs. fabric are preferred due to the small, lighter movements we use in barre. Access to a barre is not needed; you can use the back of a chair, a wall, or any other stable object to aid with balance. 

Should I download the Be Well Barre app?

I would highly recommend downloading the app to book class and access on-demand! Especially if you're a frequent class participant, the mobile app makes booking easier. If you aren't a member or regular drop-in participant but you come to The Recovery Barre often, I would still recommend downloading the app to book TRB and to chat with sober community in TRB community group chat for podcast, quitlit, and other sober recommendations! You can find the "Be Well Barre" app in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

How do I book and access class?

After booking class, an automated email will be sent with a unique class link. You can book class one of two ways:

1. Download the Be Well Barre app and book easily in-app.

2. Book online under the "Book Class" tab.

You can access class one of three ways:

1. Click on your upcoming bookings in-app, then click "Zoom Meeting Link".

2. In your email confirmation, click the "Join Meeting" link provided.

3. Sign in to your Member Area and look for "My Bookings". Click the camera icon next to the scheduled class you are joining.

Live classes are integrated with Zoom. Sound quality and clarity are optimized using professional sound equipment for a smooth streaming experience. 

Do you offer recordings for missed classes?

Yes! Every live class is recorded and uploaded to the "Live Class Recordings" channel in The Studio+ On-Demand library! All Studio+ members have unlimited access to all live recorded classes. We honor artists' work by obtaining synchronization licenses for every song used in all Be Well Barre classes. 

What is The Studio+?

The Studio+ is our on-demand barre library! Accessible with The Studio+ Membership, The Studio+ includes classes ranging anywhere from 5-45 minutes for a barre burn on your own schedule. The Studio+ features four channels: Barre Mini, Barre Express 30, Barre 45, and Live Recorded Classes. Take as many classes as you want both live and on-demand, and enjoy a total of THREE new classes per week (Two live/recorded classes PLUS one new Barre 45 on-demand every Monday!)!

What is the Member Area?

When you book a class, you will be prompted to create an account or sign in. Account options are integrated with Google for a smooth experience. You can either exit this notification, sign in, or create a Member Area account for future booking ease. The Member Area securely houses class history, upcoming classes, and payment information so you can seamlessly schedule future classes. In addition to receiving an email with your scheduled class link, you can join class through your Member Area account by clicking the camera icon at the day and time of class.

Is The Recovery Barre included in the monthly memberships?

Since The Recovery Barre is a free/donation-based class, it operates separately from membership; however, there is no cost to join The Recovery Barre and by being a member, a portion of your monthly membership automatically supports Recovery Barre outreach and programming! The site will let anyone book The Recovery Barre without payment. Class operates solely on donations for the movement portion of class if the participant feels led. 

Do you hold private in-person classes?

Yes! I teach private barre classes customized to fit the feel of your special event or gathering. Learn more and contact HERE if you are interested in booking an event!

How hard is barre?

Barre uses small, controlled movements to isolate and fatigue muscle groups, offering a range of intensity suitable for all levels. Barre is low-impact by nature, but don't let that fool you! Even after years of practice, the same move can feel difficult depending on form correction, repetition, intentional isolation, and/or added weight or resistance. Be Well Barre classes will offer a range of intensity modifications. Participants are reminded to listen to their own bodies - you are the expert on your limit, what feels right, and what could use more or less intensity.

What if I'm not "fit" enough to join class?

Another movement myth! Fitness is for all bodies and all movement abilities. Be Well Barre classes intentionally use body-neutral and body-positive language with mental health in mind. The key to finding sustainable strength is through finding genuine joy in movement. 

What if I'm not flexible?

This is a barre myth! You do not need to be flexible to take a barre class. In general, barre moves do not even require extreme flexibility. Barre will be taught with form in mind first. It is much safer to practice correct form than to see how high you can get your leg!